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    July 6, 2023

Non vented Roofs And Spray Foam Insulation - The Single Biggest Intel Drop!




Conventional roof venting system moves warm, moist air out of the attic area to help prevent condensation and frost build-up on the roof deck and rafter fasteners. When the weather warms, it results in moisture stains on ceilings from water dripping off these same areas after thawing. Warm air from the room below permeating the insulation at the room’s edge can also cause severe problems with ice damming, which can damage your critical roof deck and rafters.

Spray foam application on roofs prevents these risks, making it an extremely wise choice. By applying the product directly to the back of the roof sheeting, conventional venting systems are not required, dramatically lowering heat loss. This same system greatly increases your home’s ability to stay cool in the summer.

Conventional attics get extremely hot in summer, and vents are used to dissipate some of the heat. With Walltite, there is no need to vent since the heat from the day cannot penetrate and cause those extreme temperatures. This makes your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

With the Walltite insulation system on a roof we spray insulation directly to the sheeting, covering rafters and fasteners, have direct to sheeting spray, covering rafter cords as well as galvanized fasteners, and no roof venting required. We can supply you with an insulation system for your roof that will outperform any conventional insulation giving you a strengthened building envelope as well as reducing your heating/cooling bill.

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